Who are we? What do we do?

What is EURpr

EURweb is extremely pleased to announce EURpr – a service designed exclusively for professional Public Relations practitioners. Each day our site receives hundreds of press releases and other materials from PR reps seeking exposure for their clients. Why…because unlike many other wannabe’s, EURweb has stood the test of time! We hate to gloat but, since our humble 1996 beginnings, EURweb has become known in entertainment industry circles as the daily “go to site” for the latest in celebrity news, current events, gossip, and all-things-urban. And we admit it doesn’t hurt to be hailed by celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Rev. Al SharptonMarlon Wayans and more.

Yet, with this said, EURweb is not able to publish each of the hundreds of releases we receive daily for many reasons, which include: 1) timeliness of material, 2) lack of space on the site that day, 3) competition (which releases catch our attention!); and many times, and truly, no one hates to say this more than us, some releases can’t be published simply because they are poorly written. The good news is that we recognize the abundance of news releases that deserve to be shared with our audience and they are sent by professional publicists like you.  That’s why our team has come up with a win-win situation for all involved.

How it works

With the EURpr UPP and Away plan, EURpr now guarantees your client(s) get exposure on our site! EURpr provides PR reps the ability to upload their own materials(s) to the eurpr site. Yep, you heard us right! With your own secure ID and password, you will now be able to log into http://www.eurpr.info and upload your press release, photos, and even videos to the site.*

Next, the EURpr site administrator will check to ensure your uploaded materials are properly formatted and meet EURweb standards*, once this is done your release is cleared for publishing on EURpr and EURweb; giving your clients a good reason to grin from ear to ear knowing they are being exposed to our one-million-plus daily visitors; and the top search engines we partner with, including Google, bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and more.

How you pay

Eurpr’s UPP and Away plan is VERY AFFORDABLE!  There are 3 Ways to take advantage of EUR-PR’s opportunity to publish your press releases and it’s as easy at 1, 2, 3!  Here’s our Introductory Offer!


Single Upload: $49 for a single press release- include 1 photo and 1 embed code or video link.

Great for PR agents who represent single clients and events on an as needed basis.

Multiple Monthly Uploads: $99 per month for up to 5 press releases per month- may include 2 photos and 1 embed code or video link.

Great for boutique PR agents who represent multiple clients and events on a regular basis.

Ultimate Media Partner Plan: $1,000 annual fee for up to 10 releases per month- may include 2 photos and 1 embed code or video link.  

Great for PR agents with a large clientele and multiple events and projects.

What if I need to add more photos?

The cost for a photo is $15 per picture.  For these additions you will be redirected to the EURweb secure PayPal portal. It’s that simple. Once you log in to the EURpr site, you will see everything you need to get started right away!

EURweb is so excited to offer this service to the professionals who work so diligently to expose their elite clientele to the industry. We salute the PR professionals we have worked with for years; and welcome those talented new practitioners just venturing out. EURweb is here to service you, and we look forward to a rewarding relationship!

Additional Services

EUR-PR offers PR support to publicist and public relations technicians. Services include:

Express posting/ guaranteed placement within 24 hours.

Add $29.95 to regular rate for express coverage; go live within 24 hours.

Add $49.95 to regular price to go live within four hours.



Press Releases

Feature story writing and placement on Eurweb

Red carpet placement

Red carpet escort for media coverage

Event coverage – guaranteed event writer support


Ghostwriting/By liners

Sponsored content

Calendar listings