Check Out Footage From First BPRS-LA BrandBuilders Conf.

BrandBuilders: Breakthrough to Excellence Conf.

#BrandBuilders: Breakthrough To Excellence Conference Recap

*September 30, 2016 the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Public Relations Society hosted the inaugural BPRS-LA #BrandBuilders: Breakthrough To Excellence Conference at the SAG-AFTRA headquarters.

The one day conference featured panel discussions on public relations, community relations, crisis communications, and news and media led by industry professionals. More than 20 brands were represented including Disney, the Los Angeles Rams, Warner Brothers Television, NBC4, and Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Attendees also heard from experts in digital communications/social media and were provided with mentorship and networking opportunities. The conference was sponsored by TV One, CBS Entertainment Diversity, Rolling Out Magazine and Business Wire. BPRS-LA presented the conference to provide a platform for diverse executives and promote diversity throughout the communications industry.


Black Public Relations Society 20th Anniversary Awards Celebration

*Black Public Relations Society of Los Angeles (BPRS-LA) is one of the nation’s foremost organizations for professional image-makers and communications strategists. Since its founding in 1987, National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS) has served as an advocate for African-American PR practitioners. As an affiliate chapter, BPRS-LA focuses on professional development and connecting PR professionals throughout Southern California. We promote diversity of thought and talent, while providing support and education to help today’s professional stay competitive in an ever-changing communications industry.






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