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Learn ‘How to Talk to Anybody’ at Workshop in Glendale October 2nd


 (Glendale, CA – September 23, 2013) Let’s face it, not everyone was standing in line when the “golden tongue” was being passed out. Some people were looking elsewhere and walked right by the “outgoing personality” booth, and you can pretty much accurately assume others lacked the confidence to approach the “fake it till you make it” table. These oversights still cause many professionals and those who want to win over their feelings of inadequacy, fear and shyness, to suffer in silence. Many of us take it for granted that we can easily walk up to a group of people at an event; introduce ourselves, and join in on the conversation without skipping a beat; while others wonder how to even make a connection, start a conversation or for that matter, how to keep one going. In this age of fierce competition for anything necessary to move your life forward, How to Talk to Anybody was designed with you in mind.




“We’ve had awesome runs of this class at UCLA Extension,” says DeBorah B. Pryor, the communications specialist who designed the curriculum for the class she began teaching at the university a year ago. “But everyone can’t make the trip over to Westwood, and many people who need a class like this can’t get to it. This is why I’m bringing it to the valley.” she continues.




The 6-session class, which will take at an undisclosed location in Glendale each Wednesday starting October 2 through November 6, is fun, challenging and effectively hits it mark; and Pryor is most proud that those who attend, some traveling from great distances (two students recently traveled from Taiwan!), seem to quickly lose their feelings of shyness and insecurity as they start to grow close to the diverse group of people over the 6-week period and get excited about the exercises.




“[The class] was an absolute joy to come to…it was evident that each assignment would lead to something wonderful in the end.  I began to feel more empowered, less intimidated to speak,” says Scharla, a dietician whose job places her around a variety of personalities and she had problems speaking up for herself at work. She found herself so excited by the homework assignments, which were not designed for you to sit, read, and report; but instead gave you a call-to-action to implement as you went through your day and then return and share the, sometimes hilarious, results with the class.




James, a college freshman, took the class to learn how to be more outgoing. Since leaving home, he no longer knew how to initiate and maintain a conversation with his younger brother when he called home. Extremely shy and quiet at first, at the end of class he voluntarily stood up and sang a song to his shocked classmates and crying teacher.




“I really do look forward to continuing to use some of the things that I’ve learned in this class to help me not only become a better, confident speaker, but also aid me in the journey of self-discovery,” he says, smiling shyly during the standing ovation he received from his classmates.




Pryor, who once struggled with low self-esteem, shyness, and a lack of confidence, says that the class has attracted attorneys, production staff, administrators, entrepreneurs and college students. She designed first workshop in 1993 while working in a temp position at a large child welfare agency and successfully convinced the CEO to sponsor the entire staff to attend. Proud of how the employees were responding, said CEO attended herself and ultimately, referred others. DeBorah started out as a receptionist, and has since worked in a variety of executive positions in the corporate, private and nonprofit sectors; as well as in the entertainment industry. She is also an established writer who has traveled the world.




She has taught her workshops since 2005 in community theatres, customized by request for private organizations, and utilized rental spaces throughout Los Angeles. She is now a certified small business in the State of California. In 2011, she was invited to teach at UCLA Extension; with her first class being the original 1-day workshop, “Public Speaking for the Private Person,” which is also available on CD.


For more information and online registration for “How to Talk to Anybody” visit under “What’s New” or call 818-745-0395. The last day to register is Sunday, September 29. No walk ins or admission at the door.






DeBorah B. Pryor




(818) 745-0395




For additional information:


(626) 428-1870








Great Beginnings for Black Babies at the Forefront of Saving Our Babies


(Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2013)  When Great Beginnings for Black Babies was founded in 1990, nearly 19 of each 1,000 Black babies born succumbed to infant mortality.  Generally defined as the death of a baby before its’ first birthday, infant mortality has disproportionately plagued people of African descent since the beginning of enslavement in the Americas.

Initially attributing high infant death rates to poor hygiene and ignorance of enslaved Black women in the late 1880’s, documentation now suggests that “the political economy of slavery itself,” which now manifests as institutionalized racism, may be more at fault.

Most recent studies have shown that African immigrants – those who have migrated to America of their own accord – do not experience the same level of infant mortality or other chronic illnesses as those whose ancestors were brought to the U.S. involuntarily on slave ships.  However, just one generation later, their children are experiencing the same type and same disproportionate level of illnesses as those of African descent who are born in America.  A big portion of all health problems affiliated with African Americans is attributed to what is now known as racism-related stress.

In fact, maternal anxiety induced by social stressors has come to be known as a significant risk factor for premature birth, low birth weight and shorter gestation periods, which account for more than 60 percent of infant deaths in the United States.  At Great Beginnings for Black Babies, we see these stressors in our clients everyday.

With an average 6.3 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, the United States ranks 33rd in the nearly nine million worldwide infant deaths annually.  The numbers are skewed by the significantly disproportionate deaths of African American babies with nearly 14 out of 1,000 babies dying before their first birthday, versus six deaths per 1,000 births for Latino babies; five per 1,000 for white babies; and, three per 1,000 for Asian babies.

Troubled over the fact that Black babies still are dying at double, in some cases, triple the rate than any other ethnic group in this country before their first birthday, Great Beginnings for Black Babies, Inc. offers a number of specially designed programs to combat this issue.

Utilizing a variety of innovative, creative and culturally appropriate programs, Great Beginnings has impacted thousands of lives over its 23-year history of service.  Its two largest programs, Black Infant Health and Healthy Moms and Babies, specifically target pregnant and/or parenting women with children ages 0-5 years.

Considered GBBB’s flagship program, Black Infant Health (BIH) integrates the client, the community and the healthcare provider to empower women with the necessary tools to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Seeking to improve or eradicate infant mortality, premature births and low birth weights by encouraging early and continuous prenatal care and the embracing of healthy lifestyles devoid of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, BIH services more than 500 pregnant and/or parenting at-risk women each year utilizing interventions that include community outreach, case management, health education, home visitations, social support and empowerment group sessions and resource referrals.  BIH was designed to specifically service African American women, ages 18 and older with an infant up to 18 months of age.

Recognizing that others needed similar services but were not qualified under BIH, in 2008 Great Beginnings began offering services through a newly developed Healthy Moms and Babies (HMB) program.  Serving upwards to 200 women annually, HMB provides services to pregnant and/or parenting women of all ethnicities and ages, including pregnant or parenting teens.  HMB mirrors the services provided through the Black Infant Health program.  Its primary difference is that women of all races and ages are served, and they are served until their children reach five years old.

The work of Great Beginnings for Black Babies is extremely significant, but it’s not enough to combat this critical issue where even though the overall numbers of infant deaths are going down, the numbers of Black babies dying still is disproportionately high.  More effort and resources need to be put into saving our babies.


Cee Lo Green, Brooke Bailey, DJ Fingaz, DJ Chuckie, Dollphace, Tokyo & More Join Drumma Boy For “Fresh Phamily” Clothing Line Launch During Labor Day Weekend


*You should’ve been there!!! If you missed out at least you get to see the photos.

Drumma Boy, music artist and producer to the stars, brought Memphis to Hollywood with the launch of his new urban clothing line “Fresh Phamily” at a star-studded rooftop party Sunday. Celebrity guests including Cee Lo Green, VH1 Basketball Wives LA star Brooke Bailey, Dollphace, Dance-Model Tokyo and surprise internationally acclaimed DJ Chuckie, partied poolside at Drai’s located inside of the W Hotel in Hollywood. DJ Fingaz kept the packed house dancing until last call at the red carpet event.

Moreno champagne sponsored the affair popped over 70 bottles at the plush Drumma Boy “Fresh Phamily launch. 250 guest received poolside gift bags including snapbacks, tank tops and fitted t-shirts for men and women, gifted by bikini-clad beauties. Adding “fashion entrepreneur” to his resume, Drumma Boy continues to climb the musical charts with his new Lil Wayne produced track “Still Got The Rock” on “Dedication 5” also released this Monday.  Find out even more about Fresh Phamily at and


Dr. Carol Holmes and Dr. Lynn Holmes Partners with Queen City Radio Station 103.3 WGIV, The Soul of Charlotte to Launch New Radio Show “How U Living?”

Charlotte, NC – July 22, 2013 – Queen City’s radio station 103.3 WGIV, The Soul of Charlotte adds a new 30 minute radio show launching July 24, 2013 called “How U Living?” ( airing every Wednesday at 9am to discuss psychological aspects of the state of mind. “How U Living?” will be hosted by quirky and witty radio personalities Dr. Carol Holmes and Dr. Lynn Holmes, sisters and co-founders of The Holmes Group, LLC. The focus of the show is to link an individual’s thought life with the condition of their life.

The Holmes Group states, “The linkage between thought life and life condition is rooted in the idea that states that what a man/woman thinks, ultimately shapes the life in which he/she lives. If someone thinks they are not valuable, their life will show they do not see themselves as valuable.”

The Soul of Charlotte, 103.3 WGIV is anticipating great responses from listeners about adding “How U Living?” to the stations line up of shows. The “How U Living” show can also be heard by visiting to stream live or by using the radio App TuneIn. 103.3 WGIV trusts that listeners will appreciate the show.

The “How U Living?” show will provide listeners with an opportunity to share the hot mess that’s seen on a daily basis, and produced to never end without giving listeners a moment of release, according to the Holmes sisters.

Both Dr. Holmes, on each show will present their hypothesis on the five aspects of psychology: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual; and address the multiple layers of those five aspects through music, laughter, hot topics for open conversation, and social media. In addition to presenting other aspects of life that impact relationships and health including how the reactions of those aspects affect the mind and body.

For more info about Drs. Carol and Lynn Holmes visit

For Media and Interviews, please contact Lakita Backum with LaSaKB Consulting, LLC Public Relations & Marketing with Artisanship at 864.905.4380 or by email at  LakitaBackum(at)lasakb(dot)com.

About Dr. Carol Holmes

Dr. Carol Holmes is a media personality of Charlotte, NC with a PhD in International Psychology, Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a BS degree in Biology. She is the co-founder of the Holmes Group, LLC that was birthed out of the desire of her and her sister Lynn Holmes, to develop and train new and existing leaders within the Psychological Marketplace. This has afforded her the opportunity to speak to local colleges and organizations to provide an understanding of the psychology of their personality and how the psychology of personality fosters roles as leaders. She also acts as an adjunct professor at a local university where she teaches Psychology.

About Dr. Lynn Holmes

Dr. Lynn L. Holmes is a radio personality of Charlotte, NC. She is the co-founder of The Holmes Group, LLC, which she started with her sister to develop and coach, new and existing leaders in the Psychological Marketplace. Dr. L. Holmes has a PhD in International Psychology, Masters in Public Health and BS in Mathematics and Physics. She is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor, which afforded her the opportunity to develop and implement health initiatives in local communities. In addition, for the past 11 years Dr. L Holmes has taught Mathematics on a college level. In this role she works as a counselor, facilitator, and motivator.

About the Holmes Group

The Holmes Group mission is to target communities locally, nationally or globally by coaching leaders with modern and innovative techniques to nurture individuals suffering mentally from thoughts that negatively impact self-worth. Committing to their active duties in communities.

Prince of the Bay Droop-E Drops New Video titled “Ridin Solo” Off of His Exclusive EP “Hungry and Humble”


Stop for one second and press play on the most incredible EP to come from the Bay in a looonnnnggggg time! Coming from the genetic tree of hungry and humble hustlers and hit makers Droop-E unleashes a plethora of music that tunes into the lifestyle of the up and coming money makers throughout the Northern California region setting pace to take over the airwaves of each coast independently.

Signed to the Sick Wit It records label Droop-E has made several impressions on the hip-hop industry producing beats that would make your head bang, then flipping the script to a sound that will make your body swang. In this project Droop-E is showcasing his lyrical ability right along with his production style and quality.

Today Droop-E just released his latest video from his “Hungry and Humble” EP titled “Ridin Solo”. In this video Droop-E is seen riding through his city in his BMW, stopping off at the corner store to kick it with his boys while smoking on that dro. The record makes a clear expression of Droop-E’s independence as an artist and the son of a industry mogul, making it through life with his most intimate decisions and choices as a young man coming up in the game.  make sure you visit I-tunes to pick up his EP right here:

Codeblack Films Acquires Film Rights to Omar Tyree’s ‘Flyy Girl’ Book Trilogy

SANTA MONICA, CA (July 17, 2013) – Codeblack Films, a Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) company, has acquired the rights to the popular Flyy Girl book trilogy written by New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree.

This captivating trilogy is a coming of age story that explores the journey of a young woman motivated by the material life who plunges into a fast-paced world of gratuitous sex, violence and heartbreak in an attempt to find herself and to assess her goals in life during the modern Hip-Hop era. The second book in the series, “For the Love of Money” won an NAACP Image Award (2001, Outstanding Book, Fiction).

Tyree’s books have been read by over 8 million people worldwide, and have grossed more than $30 million for publishing giant Simon & Schuster. His brand is one of the most talked about in the urban community, and his products can be found in 12 countries.

“Omar Tyree has created a franchise with an incredible story that connects with audiences worldwide,” said Codeblack Films President Jeff Clanagan. “Codeblack is excited to have the film rights for these books which have been a staple in the African-American community for more than 20 years. We’re thrilled to have the chance to finally bring these stories to screen.”

Codeblack Films’ General Manager Quincy Newell brokered the deal with Global Renaissance Entertainment Group’s CEO/Owner Arthur Wylie and Chief Operating Officer Dale Godboldo. Jean Chi, Lionsgate’s SVP of Business & Legal Affairs, business executive Greg Snodgrass of Business Affairs Inc. and Jeffrey Miles, attorney for Global Renaissance Entertainment Group, handled legal duties.

“I couldn’t be happier to embark on this journey with Codeblack Films and Global Renaissance Entertainment Group,” states Omar Tyree. “I have every confidence that my brand has found the perfect home with one of the most effective machines in Hollywood.”

“Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain,” featuring one of America’s hottest young comedic talents, was released nationwide on July 3 by Summit Entertainment in conjunction with Hartbeat Productions and Codeblack Films, opening to an impressive $17.4 million and grossing more than $26 million at the domestic box office to date. Codeblack Films has recently unveiled an upcoming slate that includes the suspenseful thriller “Repentance,” starring Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan, the romantic drama “Things Never Said,” starring Omari Hardwick and Shanola Hampton, and George Tillman, Jr.’s “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,” starring Academy Award® winner Jennifer Hudson and executive produced by multiplatinum recording artist and Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys.


About Codeblack Films

Codeblack Films, a division of leading global entertainment company LIONSGATE®, is a vertically integrated film production and distribution company focused on providing independent studios, filmmakers, globally-recognized celebrities, intellectual property rights holders and brands cross platform monetization solutions. Entertainment industry veteran Jeff Clanagan founded Codeblack Films in 2012. Codeblack Films’ core objective is to super serve the global Black community with quality programming and help its content and brand partners access the enormous spending power of the rapidly growing African-American consumer market. Codeblack Films’ understanding of the social context of this fast evolving market — values, attitudes, behavior and current and emerging trends — provides the Company with a unique ability to position its content and brand partners in the center of influence.

Through parent company Lionsgate, Codeblack Films’ operational capabilities include motion picture production and distribution, strategic acquisitions, television programming and syndication, home entertainment distribution, digital distribution, new channel platform monetization and international distribution and sales.

Rapper Mayne 1’s New Single Release “Who I Be” is No Doubt a Hit as It Heats Up Airwaves During the 2013 Bet Awards Week

Atlanta, GA – “Who I Be” is no doubt another hit on the horizon and will have a phenomenal success story of chart-toppers like T.I., Jay-Z, R. Kelly, etc. Rapper Mayne 1 is blowing up on radio airwaves throughout the Southeast and Midwest with his new single release “Who I Be” produced by Kevin “Khao” Cates who has produced hits for artists such as T.I., Jay-Z, R. Kelly, etc. The single was officially released in March of 2013 by Mo’Rilla Entertainment and has already garnered rotation in 30 radio markets, giving Mayne 1’s music career a boost while he finishes his forthcoming EP. Available on iTunes.

The artist made his red carpet appearances during the 2013 BET Awards Week in Los Angeles on June 26-30 to promote his single and forthcoming EP. His attendances included The Toast To Urban Music Executives, BET’s 106 & Park Live, TRUE Magazine Party, VIBE Magazine Party, The Experience Kick Off Party, Panel Discussion, Chris Brown & Nick Cannon After-Show party and the 2013 BET Awards. Celebrities who attended these events included Layzie Bone, Fat Joe, Brely Evans, Tony Rock, Quinton Aaron, Keith Robinson, K. D. Aubert, Mistah FAB, Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, to name a few.

Mayne 1 is a writer and producer of North Carolina who spent the majority of his early childhood and adolescent life in Virginia. He is also an entrepreneur who partnered with Mitch Brown and Raphael Fulton who established Mo’Rilla Entertainment and Music Group, in addition to a leading Tattoo and Piercing Franchise.

Artist such as Tupac, Bob Marley and The Fugees have shaped Mayne 1’s desire to become a Rap artist. “For someone who was written off to have nothing at the beginning, is now looking like somebody bound to have everything in the end.”

Mayne 1’s new single “Who I Be” can be found on Some of the stations where his single can be heard includes KPWR-FM in Los Angeles, WJMH-FM in Greensboro, NC, WVEE-FM in Atlanta, WOWI-FM in Norfolk, WPEG-FM in Charlotte and WNHT-FM in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Related Link:

For more information about Mayne 1 and to listen to the “Who I Be” single, visit his website at For booking appearances or performances, please contact Mo’Rilla Entertainment and Music Group at morillamusicgroup(at)gmail(dot)com or call (336)722-2130.

For Media and Interviews, please contact Lakita Backum with LaSaKB Consulting, LLC Public Relations & Marketing with Artisanship at 864.905.4380 or by email at LakitaBackum(at)lasakb(dot)com.

About Mo’Rilla Entertainment and Music Group

MoRilla Entertainment/Music Group, LLC is a music label based in Winston-Salem, NC. This organization is owned and operated by Mitch Brown (Money Making Mitch), Raphael Fulton (Big Raphie) and Corwin Pyles (Mayne-1 Hip Hop). MoRilla Music Group primarily focuses on artist development, album development and mainstream exposure in regards to Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soft Rock and many other genres of music, if it’s in demand we want to hear it. MoRilla Music Group is also equipped with a variety of artist resources waiting to be utilized such as top of the notch studios, quality video production, music branding, logo development, marketing concepts, booking agents, A&R’s, stage presence development, music copy write processes, etc. Morilla Music Group brings the artist in you to life so that the whole world knows that you are the elite. “MoRilla Music is not just a label, but a way of life.”

About LaSaKB Consulting, LLC

LaSaKB Consulting, LLC is a PR boutique firm that provides public relations and marketing with artisanship. We currently serve the Carolina ’s, Georgia , New York and Los Angeles with quality PR service. The company is headed by 29 year old CEO and publicist. Lakita Backum who is from Greenville , SC and a graduate of Greensboro College in North Carolina . She has a Bachelor Arts degree in English and Communication Studies, Spanish Minor. LaSaKB was established in 2011 offering the service of web content management and editing film for electronic press kits (EPK’s) in a creative art form and marketing solutions. In 2012 we expanded our service by offering public relations to clients in the world of film, music, entertainment, beauty and fashion. LaSaKB can be followed on twitter @LaSaKB or visit

Hip Hop Vets Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon and Method Man Release Official “Let Me Explain” Music Video to Celebrate Box Office Success of Summit Entertainment’s Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

NEW YORK  July 12, 2013 – Opening weekend success for Summit Entertainment’s stand-up comedy film KEVIN HART: LET ME EXPLAIN inspired hip hop legends Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon and Method Man (with RL on vocals) to collaborate on the official “Let Me Explain” music video, produced by Artist Live Global Village and directed by PhiltheGod.

The music video celebrates the theatrical release of KEVIN HART: LET ME EXPLAIN crossing the $20 million mark at the North American box office and clocking in as the 4th highest grossing stand-up concert movie released theatrically since 1982.  Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE® company, released the film on Wednesday, July 3rd which grossed approximately $10 million more than Hart’s last concert film KEVIN HART: LAUGH AT MY PAIN in its 14-week theatrical run.


Video here:

Allan Sealy’s New Book “Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies” Gives Readers the Ultimate Blueprint to Key Insights to a Successful Life

LONDON, UK. – Author Allan Sealy’s new book “Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies” ( shares with the world key insights to a fulfilling and successful life. Despite past history and current challenges, anyone can live their dreams and flourish by applying his time-tested life skills strategies.

“Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies” was first published as teaching articles in Allan’s trendsetting magazine “Spread The Word” the UK’s #1 inspirational events guide. Birthed from years of experience and in-depth study in the art of excellence, this book delivers profound truths and cutting edge tools in a very accessible manner. Through the exploration of each chapter, any reader will be able to identify their true passion and understand the journey that leads to success.

With a passion for personal development, Allan seeks to inform readers of their innate ability to influence the outcome of any situation and create their own human success story. A man on a mission, Allan Sealy is shaping the international concept of what is possible to achieve in one’s life by recognizing their inner genius, creative power and immense value.

“Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies” is available now at Barnes and Noble, and Kindle. For more information visit

Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies
By Allan Sealy
ISBN: 13: 9781907402241
Publisher: MIA Publishing
Hardcover: 258 pages
Price: (SC) $17.99 (HC) $29.99

Allan is available for speaking engagements. For event bookings contact Ministry In Art Media at info(at)miapublishing(dot)com. For interviews and to review his book, please contact publicist Deborah Griffin at deborahmckj(at)yahoo(dot)com or at 323.692.2881.

About the author

Sealy is a trained life coach and speaks internationally to both spiritual and entrepreneurial groups. His eloquent and highly motivational presentation’s has endeared him to many captive audiences.

Xlibris published ‘Celebrate the Life and Memories of a Child,’ is a biography of a young Baltimore rapper


(Baltimore, MD) – Young Baltimore rapper Domonick is the subject of a new book, “Celebrate the Life and Memories of a Child,” (Xlibris/Author House) written by his parents Verona Douglas and Domonick Robertson Sr. The book was the result of a brave move by the rapper at age eight when he penned “Pop, Pop, Pop” a plea to the drug dealers in his neighborhood to stop the selling of drugs and the killings.

His bravery in performing the song on the corners of his neighborhood received the attention of radio host JoJo of MIX 106.5fm who arranged for him to perform “Pop, Pop, Pop” on the local radio station. He also made appearances on Fox 45 and 88.9fm, a New York Caribbean station.

Now 14 years-old young Domonick Robertson, Jr. at eight was even featured on ABC News in a segment about his brave moves in his neighborhood (see coverage at

The colorfully and simple to read book, “Celebrate the Life and Memories of a Child,” is his autobiography (see a trailer on the book at and will inspire, not only young people, but adults to believe that they too can make a difference. Xlibris/Author House is noted by The New York Times as the foremost on-demand book publisher.

Domonick has since released several singles, such as “He’s a Working Dad” about his father and his most recent “Oh Brave Soldiers” inspired by the tale of his grandfather fighting in one of the American wars.

The latest single, “Oh Brave Soldier,” was written by his mother Verona Douglas, who is also Domonick’s manager. “Oh Brave Soldier” has an official video produced/directed by Freaky Felony and is produced by Mark Carey (see the music video at

Young Domonick recently graduated from Walbrook Middle School and will attend in the fall Digital Inner Harbor, a technical trade high school where he will concentrate on computer technology. His passion about his music motivated him to send a copy of his CD to President Obama to hear – and the President even replied back.

Visit or for more on his autobiography and his singles can be found at You can contact his management at 443-306-4898 or email [email protected].

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